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If anyone's interested in Sci-fi Indie comics, I currently have a strip appearing inside the 130 page 'SPOD!' comic anthology (originally conceived as part of Mark Millar's Clint project).

The comic contains 25 full colour strips from 43 creators including Jeff Mccomsey, Monty Nero and Neil Gibson.

The kickstarter is about 65% of the way towards its target and only has five days left to go, so if anyone's able to either spread the word or put a few shiny dollars towards it, that would be hugely appreciated.

Anyway, thanks for reading and here's the link:

Spod Kickstarter

Oddities From Space comic Kickstarter

Board Horde revamped

2013-07-07 12:28:52 by davehailwood

The fantasy board game perhaps best described as 'Ludo meets Lord Of The Rings' has been vastly revamped since the touchjam competition, and now contains 8 boards, 3 game modes, an online scoreboard, sadistic a.i. and much more.

If anyone has a free moment then please check it out, and leave some feedback.



Board Horde revamped